Identität gestalten

Coaching – More For People

Interpersonal communications and relationships within business are essential for efficiency and success – be that for individuals, teams or organisations. As such they decisively shape business culture and the quality of the work (-place). That too makes identity.

Our coaching and consultation services are tailored towards developing individuals and teams, leadership- and business culture and implementing as well as guiding certain constructive changes.

Unfold strengths, develop potentials, harness resources, bolster resilience and master change!

  • Individual coaching
  • Coaching for decision-makers
  • Coaching for teams
  • Coaching in change-management-processes
  • Team profiling
  • Communications training
  • Personality preference analysis with Insights Discovery


Efficiency and Success: Better understanding one self and others with Insights Discovery

Unfold your strengths and purposefully develop your potential!

Improve your self-reflection and gain a deeper understanding of your own personal strengths and potential for development. Devise a personal strategy to improve relationships and reach your personal professional goals.

Individual coaching supported by your personal insights Discovery preference profile, is particularly suited for:

  • understanding how your preferred behaviour influences the relationships to others.
  • discerning the behavioural patterns of other people and learning how best to adjust towards these.
  • professional and personal development over a longer period of time.

Discover new perspectives and rid yourself of unfavourable communication- and behavioural patterns. Better understand others and optimise your interpersonal communication and the relationships with clients and colleagues, superiors, partners and co-workers. You are you in every way – your personal surroundings too will profit from this.

You find yourself at the beginning of your career or at an important turning point? Orientate yourself, find confidence and helpful reflections to support your decision.


Thanks to the Insights Discovery Colour-energy-model, we are able to help teams successfully overcome any critical situations or circumstances, such as a change of leadership, an enormous workload, new team members, projects or structural changes, fresh challenges, bad patches of creativity and any other type of ‘common craziness’. Better understanding of one self and others greatly contributes towards higher estimation of each other and strength-orientated teamwork. Usual conflicts can easily be resolved. A new feeling of camaraderie comes into being, playing to everyone’s strengths, making positive problem solving possible.

Improve the affectivity of your team and allow them to accomplish their objectives. Confront the challenges together and set free the potentials of each individual to ensure continued success.

Insights supported team development is ideal for...

  • analysing the strengths og and challenges facing your team
  • creating a platform for open and honest dialog within the team
  • removing obstacles standing in the way of constructive teamwork
  • ensuring the continuous development of your team

Every team faces crucial situations and jobs, that influence motivation and performance – we help you to handle these successfully- Your team will be qualified to cope with serious challenges. In fact they will be able learn from such situations and evolve accordingly. We can support you in finding strengths and possible weaknesses, prevent possible failures and enhance your teams’ accomplishments.

Resulting in viable soulutions for:

  • better team performance and productivity
  • a more commited team thanks to smooth, conflict-free cooperation
  • development of strategies for growth within the team according to the strengths and potentials of the team and its members

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Crisis? Bolster Resilience, Master Change

Todays professional and business world is shaped by the pressure to perform, the stress of self-portrayal, huge amounts of data and the often unpredictable changes. Nevermind personal life, health, family, relationships! Not all of the things happening in our lives are easily dealt with or simply overcome, even if we want them to. And then, all of a sudden, we find ourselves deep within a crisis…

However crises are part of our (professional) lives and do offer many chances for personal growth and useful changes. Yet they can also threaten our very existence and as such cause fear and cost us much time and energy. Overcoming a crisis is definitely easier and maybe even faster with competent support.

Find your support and source of strength and seize all opprtunities:

Thanks to a specifically designed visualisation-tool we can discover and visualise all the resilience factors and support resources available to you. Resulting from this immediate, short- and midterm solution strategies can be deduced to improve or change your current situation.

In addition your personal Insights discovery profile grants you deeper ‘insight’ into your own individual strengths and development potential, while also improving your self-reflection. It allows you to discover fresh perspectives, which may improve your relationships and change unfavourable patterns. Let yourself be guided towards viable strategies and find the courage and self-confidence to make new decisions.

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A better approach: Appreciative communication!

Feelings do not belong here? Well, those who open up tend to be more successful.

Most people are uncomfortable talking about their feelings where business is concerned. They think it is not objective and rather inappropriate. Or they are simply not practised in opening up towards other people, are unsure and would rather not go there. But exactly this is a major factor constituting successful business: a respectful appreciative communication amongst each other.

Principles of actions and attitude – what you can learn:

  • Imparting yourself sincerely without slighting or insulting others
  • Formulating clear requests instead of issuing demands
  • Accepting and listening to criticism without taking personal offense
  • Deflecting verbal attacks confidently and respectfully
  • Resolving conflict
  • Addressing irritating behaviour, without insulting your counterpart
  • Accepting different opinions and understanding others

The base of this concept is found in Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s theory of “nonviolent communication”.  Coached with simple, practical exercises and intuitive behavioural principles you are taught respectful and clear yet sensitive communication with yourself and others. You can develop communication skills that allow you to genuinely and calmly resolve tense situations and conflicts, whether in your private or professional life.

Due to the various possibilities of interaction during these exercises, group training sessions and workshops are ideal. Nevertheless individual and team coaching, which cater specifically to the individual or team needs, are bookable on demand.

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