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Insights Discovery – better understanding yourself and others!



Gain a deeper understanding of and for your own personal preferences and behavioural patterns as well as those of your colleagues or clients. Experience how you can better adjust your mind-set towards other people in order to develop relationships more successfully and effectively.

Insights Discover is the perfect tool for:

  • Understanding your own unique personality
  • Growing your social competence
  • Improving your communicative skills
  • Establishing better personal and professional relationships

How does Insights Discovery Work?

Insights Discovery utilises a ‘four-colour energy model’ in order to explicate individual preferences. These preferences are measured with an easy-to-use online evaluator. The results are then summarised in a 20-40 page personal report, which grants valuable insight into individual strengths, possible weaknesses and as yet unused development potential.

The Insights Discovery system is based on the study of typology, created by the swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. The validity of this tool is reviewed regularly and our development team ensures that the high quality standards remain solid.

Solutions for...

  • the intensification of communication and teamwork:
    Discover, in a series of consecutive Insights Discovery Workshops, how your team, division or your organisation can work together more effectively.
  • The improvement of personal affectivity:
    Insights Discovery can also be implemented within a coaching session, inorder to identify strengths and possible weaknesses, such that an individual plan for further development can be established.
  • Developing leadership:
    A sound understanding of own preferences and that of others facilitates better recognition of strengths in others, which makes it possible to overcome critical obstacles on the path towards success.
  • Increasing the sales performance:
    Gain deeper insight into the art of nurturing great client relationships, to secure long-term success.


A Discovery preference profile is particularly suitable for:

  • An increased understanding of how your own attitude and style of work influences others
  • Improving communication skills
  • Enhancing teamwork
  • Creating a positive and productive work environment

Where are the Discovery preference profiles implemented?

As an integral part of the Insights Discovery program, the Insights Discovery Preference Profile is introduced either in the workshops or during coaching sessions.

For those that receive their preference profile during team workshops, additional reflexive discussions, further examining the personal profile in detailed one-on-one sessions, will be held. Insights profiles are available in over 30 countries, in over 25 languages.