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LEX the Running-Experts: Running is ... A whole brand world


Branding and Media System

Brand strategy | Logo re-launch and revision or overhaul of brand name | Brand claim | Corporate wording | CI concept | image concept | Office equipment | Signalization | Give-Aways | Media system for LEX in online and Print | picture concepts | Media system for LEX franchise partners in online and print | CI manuals | Brand management

Multi-channel Agency services Germany wide

Brand strategy | Logo re-launch | Corporate branding & franchise partner | brand management | CI manuals | User manuals | media concepts | image communication | Partner communication | distribution media, presentations and give-aways | Location campaigns B2C (print and online) | Signalization and outdoor advertising | Exhibitions and promotions | Newsletters B2B | Customer magazine B2C | pre-print & print production full service | Corporate internet presence and franchise partners | Intranet | User training | Promotional website | Competitions | Web editorial office for text and pictures | onlineshop design | Social media | cooperation concepts | Project management

The Customer

LEX Die Laufexperten is a Germany wide conglomerate of running shop owners that are highly passionate and knowledgeable in the field of running. In order to assert themselves in an everchanging, highly competitive market, the LEX running experts exert an incredible ammount of entrepreneurship and provide modern products and professional services. All the while they nevertheless remain true to their origins and unique in this industry - allowing them a special place in running future.